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Professor Robert Zubrin President at Pioneer Astronautics & The Mars Society

Professor Andrew Beckwith Professor in Chongqing Unviversity

Professor Margarita Sampson Enterprise Verification and Validation Lead at NASA Johnson Space Center

Professor Hakima Mokrane PhD Research chez observatoire de Bordeaux UK

Professor Oswaldo Loureda Acrux Aerospace Technologies Brazil

Professor  Daniel Mendicini en Fisica, docente e investigador Astronomico

Dr. Weiping Yu Physicist & Aerospace Technologist at NASA

Professor Andrej Arbuzov physicist at Joint Institute for Nuclear

Dr. Ugur GUVEN at UN Center for Space Science and Space Technology

Professor Anand Mohandas Scientific Research Officer" at SPACE INDIA

Dr. Valentina Esther  United Kingdom

Dr. Dishant Pandya Professor at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

Mr Emanuel  Barros Senior Systems Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center

Mr Alnoor Ismail Senior Project Manager at Canadian Space Agency Canada

Dr. John Bruni Scientific at Al Istishari Al Strategy: South Australia

Professor Mark Thurston Patent Attorney & Partner at Barker Brettell

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Mr David broadbent Managing Owner at Partum in Futurum

Mr William (Richard) Brestansky   Venture Capitalist

Mr Michael Horn Book Author USA

Ms Robin Smith NextPhase Foundation Dallas, Texas

Mr David Hollands Founder  Above and Beyond Normal Ltd

Mr Tamer Özalp Research and Policy Analysis, Space/Earth Observation Systems

Mr Belaid Khemnou Diplom-Geograph, GIS/Remote Sensing Expert-Data Scientist

Mr Paul Christenson Producer at 2GB Sydney Australia

Mr Adrian Scalese National Manager Carriage Services at Optus Australia

Mr Ranjoy Banerjee Product & Services Strategy at Airbus France

Mr Gustavo Carpignano CEo and Founder DIYSATELLITE Argentina

Mr Henrik Skaksen Jacobsen EADP  Emergency Asteroid Defence Project

Mr Arie Y. Levy Cohen Blockhaus Tokenised Ecosystems Banking Zürich

Mr Tony Robinson Chief Information Security Officer, CISO / CTO, vCISO Detroit

Ms. Helen Tung Emergent Tech Advisor - Space Applications & GNSS/MINERVA

Mr Graham Partis Founder at Time University Brisbane, Australia QLD

Mr Sam Welsh Space Exploration Advocate / Application Engineer at MathWorks

Mr Adam Dobb Director at Commworx Pty Ltd Director at Commworx Pty Ltd

Mr Hamza Baig Product Marketing Manager - Telecom at ARABSAT Saudi Arabia

Mr Steve (Hawko) Hawkins BDM at Ladbrokes Australia

Mr Clive Simpson Managing Editor at 'ROOM - The Space Journal United Kingdon

Prof. Anand Mohandas 'Lighting Design Engineer' Ventilux Ltd. Ireland

Mr David H Swingler  CEO / Chairman - Theme Park Design Egypt



William (Richard) Brestansky

 1st degree connection1st

Venture Capitalist


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