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Earth Shield Program’s mission is to set up a mobile observatory in remote locations within Australia for the sole proposes of locating with an array of telescopes in these remote areas within Australia where there is minimal light pollution which we are in the early stages of setting up. At this stage we are looking at least 2 of this telescopes to start with which will have the operations started and launched earlier.  This will provide research, detecting/tracking/deflection research of Near Earth Objects (Asteroids). The purpose of the organisation is to bring together scientists in the relevant fields of Astrophysics, Astronomy and other related fields to research ways of locating and tracking, deflecting Near Earth Objects (Asteroids, Comets).  Meetings from organisations around the world eg: NASA, ESA and other organisations in this field to discuss methods using technology to promote findings from a large range of highly recognised scientists in their field astrophysics ’space mechanics, physics, astronomers from around the planet, these professionals with years of expertise will be working on this subject for the benefit of all mankind. The ability to locate and track this object and promote cooperation among relevant space research and technology institutions and government sectors and their space application. This in turn providing information to the general public and media of any objects threatening Earth.  Click here to see more

Make an impact or MORE IMPORTANTLY – prevent one!


Earth Shield Program Mobile Observatory


Using small objects to change Asteroid Trajectory

The other alternative would be to place an object e.g. a much smaller body beside the main object (asteroid) and create a gravitational wobble which then could be used. The object would slowly create a screw type of trajectory. The smaller object would be fitted with a source of detonation along with a tracking device to always have a fix on the object, and or be fitted with a larger propulsion system that would transfer the energy in the way of a gravity tractor, with the detonation this would allow energy from the gravitational pull to become almost zero, if the detonation was done at a calculated point this would allow a trajectory change. In this I am saying that once you take away the force that is creating the gravitational effects, it is then released at the right time so that you would change the trajectory of the object. So I am all for NASA and any other organisation that takes the lead in small object retrieval of these objects. Lead time is the most important thing for this to happen, we all need to look at the problem of a way to deal with the objects that doesn’t give us the time to do something about it, Government’s need to take the time and really look closely at NEO,s because it’s about the people they serve and their country, this is not one countries problem but the worlds


Make an impact or MORE IMPORTANTLY – prevent one!


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