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Light Speed Travel

12th of March 2001

Charged particles from the sun travelling in the electromagnetic radiation, at a frequency, this energy is already traveling at 186,000 miles per second, the capture of these energy charged particles could be reacted upon by using an atom reaction and charged the photons allowing the fact that the photons have a mass .  Protons have wavelength in the electromagnetic range, this would have to read as a force, in allowing the fact that the forces created by to electromagnetic forces at the same frequency, would allow a repelling force of the two frequencies. This would allow the energy from this source to be used as propulsion, the key is how you trap this frequency and be able to re-direct the energy so that it could be potentially used to travel at the speed of light ,too that the same frequency at a much larger reaction in the way of thrust, propulsion. I would like to hear from the team regarding ways of trapping this energy, and the ways that the energy from the reaction could be used and captured. Earth Shield Program is working on a new method of trapping photons and releasing the photon within electromagnetic way length at the same frequency, also looking at the reaccessions required to increase the energy wave, but keep it at the same frequency. By expanding the photon under a creation in which we have done the calculations on, so in theory capturing the photons to a point where the photons can be expanded and re-directed with a charge photon within the electromagnetic wavelength. The key here is the radiation that also travels as one with the photon. The same effect can be seen at the poles of the planet in the northern lights charging particles connecting with the earth magnetic field.  All we are looking at is the way to use this energy in a compressed form and charge the photon along with a particle which would allow a change in the photon or increasing the photons energy in the way of expansion, creating a small mass of energy within the electromagnetic range.As I said before the key is lies within the radiation band of the electromagnetic radiation. This is just one of the projects that Earth Shield Program is working on at present, but our man force is always been in the protection of the planet.


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