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I would like you to take a small amount of time to read this, just so you can be aware of the effects of an asteroid impact on Earth. We will start with an average size of some of the medium size asteroids, 900 meters to 1.2 miles or for example DA14 Asteroid approximately 45.72 meters wide if this object would of reached the planet atmosphere and detonated in the atmosphere, it would have released energy equivalent to 9 W87 Nuclear Warheads. So you can see that AD14 size x 2 and above, or you can just go back to Tunguska event in 1908 an approximately 62 meter asteroid detonated 5 to 10 kilometres releasing over 1000 atomic bombs above the ground, and levelled trees for over 2,150 square kilometres and we are only talking 62 meters event. The cost of another small event such as Tunguska over a major city would be devastating.

 I will let you do the maths.

If you are a person that knows about Earth’s history we don’t have to go back really that far approximately 72000 years ago there was a series of explosions from Mount Toba on the island of Sumatra current position. This super eruption plunged Earth into a six-year volcanic winter over northern hemisphere plunging temperatures by 10 to 15° now you can imagine the winters that the northern parts of America are dealing with right now 19th February 2015 . So you can imagine if a large object from space and Earth’s atmosphere and fractured the surface on one of these major fault lines the effects would be nothing but devastating, on top of the impact on the amount of material ejected and if an ocean impact well you don’t have to be a scientist to work out the aftermath of an impact on a fault line. So you can see protecting the planet from these various objects from space should be one of the world’s major concerns when it comes to protecting the human race from an event that would stop man in their tracks.

Follow on from home page:

You have an atmosphere height of 100 kilometres approximately, so you are now looking at an object travelling at 27 klms that’s (27 kilometres per second). When an object enters the atmosphere at that speed first thing you would see is a super bright light than atmosphere shock-wave, along with a EMP,(  Electro-magnetic Pulse) so there goes the mobile network and power would be effected, this would be all the best part so far, next a fire percussion. If you were in location approximately 100 klm’s of the impact you would be vaporised, the good thing is that you won’t feel anything. At this point it gets interesting, ejector from the displaced material from the Earth would be throwing rain into space and re-enter over a much large area of the planet raising tempters along with major fires, that we know that man would not be able to control. Back to the atmosphere from the ejector displacement of much small particles which remain in the atmosphere for week’s even months, most scientists that research these effects believe that an object wouldn’t cause plat effects on Earth. I for one disagree, I believe that if you have a large object impact the planet the effects would trigger large scale eruptions VE8 triggered by shock-wave from the impact travelling along the plate boundaries, there is enough information if people look soil sample following the last major event with traces of basalt, which I believe that there was more than one event. I guess that at this point you are thinking I hope there’s no more but you would be wrong.

The much smaller asteroid that enter the planet’s atmosphere have a 85% chance of detonating in the atmosphere this is caused by gas expanding as the object enters the atmosphere, so you can see now that if there is an object on a course for the planet we will need to develop new ways on locating these objects along with the many ways that we can change their trajectories, because of the fact there are a couple different types of asteroid e.g. rubble and solid iron ferrite.  That is why Earth Shield Program having over 13 years research back ground on these objects are continuing this very important research for the planet and our survival

These type of an event would cripple nations world-wide, this is not one countries problem; it’s a global issue because it will affect every living soul on the planet. From the beginning of the creation of our solar system there has always been an object heading for Earth we just need to know when and have the defences in place to protect the planet

If you take the income from a country like Australia were if you had to stop transport, mining, along with everything else that relies on electronic or fuel and power, the loss on a day by day bases would be billions of dollars and if I understand economics in the world today, that would need the collapse of the world economy within hours of such an event and over a much larger period, well I will let you work that one out!

So how are we looking now, those large companies’ multi-international companies will collapse off the market that means, well now your broke, no functioning operations, no matter what you are into with millions killed, and power grid fried, not so big now and I hope you don’t think that the government in your country will be able to deal with this type of an event, but once again I say that these governments can pull together as one world to protect life as we know it.

With all this information do you think that the planet needs a way to protect itself? I would like to ask the question are you ok with the brief on small effects of such an event?

If companies think that being the richest and the brightest works in all occasions, you would be wrong.

Our work at Earth Shield Program is focused on these objects looking at ways to detect along with deflections methods, the problem is that there are organisations now stating that we are looking at around 100 hundred years, you say well that won’t worry me. Then think of your family and your children’s, children, this is why we need and ask for your support.

To all that reads this information, please just take a moment and ask yourself what is the most important part of your life, isn’t  worth protecting and praying to whatever god you worship praying will not be enough to save us.

I also believe that we are at a stage in time were our solar system is heading into a much more compacted area with our milky way galaxy, and we should be on the lookout, because these objects will at some time in the future will bring this planet to an end for a large number of live beings or a E.L.E 


NASA Wednesday announced more details in its plan for its Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM), which in the mid-2020s will test a number of new capabilities needed for future human expeditions to deep space, including to Mars. NASA also announced it has increased the detection of near-Earth Asteroids by 65 percent since launching its asteroid initiative three years ago.


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